Worship: an Attitude of Praise

Greetings friends!! I hope you are well and good! Today, I’m going to post on how America is getting lost in praise and worship as well as praise IN worship. That’s right. Play on words. I’m pretty clever like that but anyways.

Back in the olden days (circa 1500-1960ish) The only “worship” music the church had were hymns and spiritual songs, most of which were written by one man–  Isaac Watts (1674-1748), the man, The legend. Seriously. This dude penned at least 600 hymns for the Protestant church. Most of which are not commonly played anymore which is a cryin’ shame because these songs/poems were insanely good! He wrote more spiritual songs and hymns than any one man that we know about. His theology was insanely fresh, real, and thought provoking. Watts is a personal hero of mine. If you want to get a new take on mans sinfulness and God’s glory, read some of his stuff.

Worship when I was growing up (about 1970s-1999 and some presently. I am NOT that old but that style didn’t really change) has been degraded to making us feel better, sadly. Upbeat music that copies current secular music’s 1-5-3-4 chord progressions and happy, sappy lyrics. I’m not naming any names or putting down anybody who really loves praising Jesus but could you at least make it some what interesting.  Hillsong was one of the first to take a WHOLE new approach at about 1999. Darlene Zscheck really was the first to get fed up with the “worship” music of the 1990’s and was blessed with the ability to write amazing, God worshiping music. Hillsong and their other band branches are still changing worship even now.

The past couple of years (2004-present) a new style of worship music is coming out. This new genre is what I call Prophetic worship. This style is about weird and different everything. Chord progressions, time signatures, and lyrics. This style of worship is centered around pleasing God with our worship. It is not based on us as Christians, humans, or Americans. This is my personal favorite style of worship to sing. The music focus is on bringing God glory-AKA our sole purpose on this earth. This is what I endorse as far as worship music goes.

Worship is more than just songs that sound appealing or gripping words, it’s allllllll about your attitude in life. As long as you do something to God, you are worshiping Him through that. That can be music but if your attitude is not in it, it’s just music. In the opposite side, if you are doing something average, like working, with an attitude of praise, it becomes worship. I encourage all 7 of you people that read this to try and make your day to day tasks more worship full as I have been trying to do so.

Worshiping God is what we were created for. We exist only to bring glory to the Name of God. If we do anything outside of this, we are not doing what we are called to do. Imagine this, God said that Humans are the only thing made in His image. Not the animals, plants, planets or even the angels but the Bible says that everything gives God glory. The angels freaking do it nonstop since their creation. Most Christians do it once a week at the most but we are made above everything else in His image. We are made like the creator of the universe. Only us and yet we don’t praise Him hardly at compared to the angels, lesser beings according to God. Doesn’t that make you feel at least a little strange?

In closing, we need to get a hold of this new worship philosophy of doing mediocre tasks to the glory of God is worship. When we get to that point, God can direct us more and more while we spread the Gospel through our works, and attitudes.

I’m pray that you got something at least a little significant out of this. If so, praise be to God! Tune in next time when I will write about something else that God puts upon my heart to write but most likely it will be musical related but no promises.

Till next time friends!

Zebulun D Worlund


About zebworlund

A musician, a worship leader at the Storehouse House of Prayer in Alabama, a Christ follower, college aged young man searching to empower youth to stop living in bondage.
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2 Responses to Worship: an Attitude of Praise

  1. Matt Stewart says:

    Hey Zeb, sweet blog, I didn’t know you had one 😀

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